Friday, February 12, 2010

Award-Winning Writer Publishes Groundbreaking Book on Adoption

Award-winning writer and author Sally Bacchetta announced the release of her new book, What I Want My Adopted Child to Know: An Adoptive Parent's Perspective. The book is described as “a tender, revealing look at adoption from the parent perspective.” Whether an adoptive parent, an adoptee, someone considering adoption, or simply curious about adoption dynamics, What I Want My Adopted Child to Know: An Adoptive Parent’s Perspective will touch hearts and increase readers' sensitivity to the challenges and joys that are unique to adoptive parenting.

Bacchetta wrote the book in response to a need common among adoptive families. “Adoptive families navigate emotional terrain that fully-biological families don’t have to,” said Bacchetta, adoptive mother of two. “This is a book adoptive parents can give to their child and say, ‘I know adoption is painful, unsettling, joyous, and affirming. It’s that way for me too. More than anything, adoption is the way we came together, and I’ll always be grateful for that.’”

“Sally has written a narrative that is heartfelt, honest, and warm,” said Greg Franklin, Esq. and Fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. “She’s told her story truthfully and without sugar coating, but also with knowledge from which I would have benefitted had the book been written before my family embarked upon our own journey to adoption. The readers of this book are lucky to have the benefit of Sally’s experience and her shared wisdom, because her story reminds us that we have so much in common.” more

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Maru said...

yay, sally! congratulations!

Carrie Elkin said...

I read this book in two days! It's great to finally find a book that says what's in my heart and the hearts of other a-parents I'm sure. Ms. Bacchetta's style is honest, casual and so comfortable it's like talking to a trusted friend. I plan to give a copy to our birth mother to help her understand "this side." Great book!

Maru said...

I'm placing my order right now! :o)

Mama Bear said...

congrats on your book! me and my daughters birthmom always joke about writing a book, maybe one day! Iwill be getting y0urs soon! as a mom of two children that were adopted, I need all the education I can get!

Kristi B said...

Thanks for becoming a new follower to my adoption blog. I look forward to reading your book!