Monday, November 1, 2010

Poking Fun at Adoptees is a Classless Move for PlayStation

For as little television as I watch, I can't believe I caught this ad. Type into Google search.

I gasped out loud.

I want to know what writer thinks it's funny to use adoption in this context. Oh, yeah, it's funny. Funny as a racial slur. Funny as a "Your Mama..." Funny as jokes about dwarf tossing or gay bashing.

I can't believe we still have so far to go.


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Just Me said...

Thanks for this Sally. I saw the commercial and immediately went to their website and sent an email to their media department with my complaint and why I was complaining. Not even so much as a response to say thanks for emailing us. We will never own play station products in this adoptee's house.

birthmothertalks said...

I personally didn't find it funny or offending. Just kind of weird. It could have said your a jerk or bite me.. but I think the point is made that people get so caught up in the game that they are not hearing things said to them. I don't know. I just didn't feel one way or another about it.

Amanda said...

As an adopted person, I find anything that uses the adopted portion of my identity as an insult offensive.

I don't think anyone likes it when part of who they are is used as an insult. Like "That's so gay!" "You're being SUCH a woman!" and I won't even get into different labels used as insults that also simultaneously insult those with disabilities.

It's not nice at all.

In the comments section of my blog, someone posted the contact information for Sony to complain about the commercial.

Maru said...

I had to play it twice just to make sure I heard correctly. Unbelievable...

DAI said...
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DAI said...

How ignorant is Sony and the TV stations?

My adopted 12 year-old excitedly called my attention to the ad when it first came on. But he sat there quietly hurt after the "You're adopted" insult.

Adoption is still fair game for bullies.

Margie said...

Definitely tasteless, but not at all surprising. The mainstream is so completely out of touch with the reality of adoption that I'm no longer surprised by this kind of thing. And as long as there are legions of adoptive parents who are willing to brush it all off (and there are), it will continue. We APs have the power in adoption, and it's a shame that we squander it.