Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Adoption Keynote Address

I'm going to be the keynote speaker at 1st Annual Family-Building Dinner and Silent Auction on April 10th. Having fun for a great cause. I love it!

I don't go to as many fund-raising events as I'd like, simply because most of our money is already tagged for something else. I usually choose to support causes through volunteering or making a financial donation that is more modest than the event ticket price. However, there are some people I would definitely pay a good buck to see and hear talk about adoption. , for example.

If you're local to the Monroe County, NY area, I hope to see you there. If you're not local, you can still be part of the event. Here's how:

I've thought a lot about what I want to say, and I keep coming back to the same question - "What would I want to hear a keynote speaker talk about?" I'm posing the same question to you.

If you respond to this post or email me at info@theadoptiveparent.com with your thoughts, I'll put your name in a hat. (It's not actually a hat. It's a clear plastic container that originally housed hummus. As soon as I finish this post I'll dump out whatever wooden beads, pennies, Q-tips, or dry pasta my daughter has stashed in there so it's ready for your name.)

I'll award a signed copy of my book, What I Want My Adopted Child to Know: An Adoptive Parent's Perspective to the person who's name I draw at random. I'll also send a signed copy to the person who's idea I use for the keynote address.

Erica at Parenthood for Me is building a great organization with an awesome vision. I hope you'll support it in whatever way you can.

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Jason and Cheryl said...

Hi Sally,

Where is this taking place? I would love to hear you speak....how exciting !

Sally Bacchetta said...

Hi Cheryl,

If you click on the Parenthood for Me link in my post it will take you to their home page. Information about the dinner is in the "Events" section.

Hope you guys are all doing great!

Shane, Megan, CJ and R-Baby said...

I love and get excited about the topic of how we as members of the triad can work together to bring a more positive light to adoption in America. The media often wants to pit us against each other and create drama out of the relationship between birth parents and adoptive couples or adoptive parents and adoptees. I am inspired by messages geared toward sharing our positive adoption experiences, particularly relating to openness in adoption.


LeeAnne said...

I'd like to hear about what the impact of transracial adoption on the adoptees and also on society at large. With so many people adopting nowadays it's not outside normal anymore, at the same time any "Joe" walking down the street can guess we adopted. Is it still a big deal? What do outsiders think and how does it affect our children? How can I prepare my kids to feel confident and "normal" in the world?
P.S. I love your blog Sally!

Duchess said...

I would love to hear your perspective and recommendations on healthy ways parents can bring about a healthy relationship among biological and adopted children, as well as children in the same family whom come from different adoption backgrounds (ie, one from an open domestic adoption, one from an international adoption w/ no info about birth family, a sibling group from foster care.)