Saturday, September 6, 2008

Adoption: Tell Me The Story...

Mama, can you tell me about when God was ready to make me and he knew your body couldn't make a baby, so he put a little tiny Erin seed into Meghan's belly and I grew and grew in Meghan's belly until I was ready to be born and then when I was big enough the doctor helped Meghan push me out, and then she held me and kissed me on my head and named me Erin and told the nurse to call Sally and Dennis and tell them their baby girl is ready? And you and Daddy drove fast and carefully to the hospital with your social worker Barb, and you waited and waited in the room and then suddenly the nurse came in pushing a cart with something in it... and you looked and looked but you only saw blankets and a little bit of brown hair? And then she picked me up and put me in your arms and you cried happy tears and said, "Oh, my baby girl, my baby girl. I'm your Mama and I will always love you" and then Daddy held me and he smiled and smiled at me and said, "I'm your Daddy, and I will always keep you safe." And then you changed my diaper and you were surprised that someone so sweet could smell so stinky? And then you and Daddy tucked me into the car seat with two blankets and a tiny baby hat and you drove all the way home but you stopped at Grandma's on the way and Grandma said, "Whose baby is that? Are you babysitting?" and you and Daddy said, "No, this is our baby Erin. We're adopting her." And Grandma screamed and held me and said, "Oh, what a beautiful girl, beautiful girl. God bless her." And then my cousin Mike was there and he said, "Where did that come from?" and everybody laughed! Except I didn't laugh because I was just a baby so I just kept sleeping. And then when I was bigger Daddy showed me how to hold my bottle by myself. Can you tell me that story, Mama?

Sally Bacchetta
The Adoptive Parent
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