Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Poem for Your First Mother

I Think About Your First Love Sally Bacchetta

She gave you form,
she gave you breath,
she gave you then to me.
She gave away a future – the mother she might be.

She chose to set a different course for the life you were to live,
a life of joy and hope and peace beyond what she could give.
Sure she couldn’t be for you the mother you would need,
she made a choice that broke her heart,
and trusting me to lead,

she took her hopes,
her dreams, her faith,
and laid them in my hands,
and weeping love upon your face
she prayed you’d understand.

She walked away with empty arms and nothing now to show
how very much she loved you. I promised her you’d know.
She’d yet to learn – as mothers will – this truth about the heart: It remembers those who love us, however far apart.

And every moon and every morn
that I have known since you were born
pales in the light of this love like no other –
the light of your first love,
your first mother.

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