Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adoption Keynote: More Information

Congratulations, , for being the first name in the hummus container!

In addition to making some great suggestions, Kristin asked for information that I should have included in my previous post. Here it is:

Who will be in the audience? The audience will be a mix of people at all points along the spectrum of adoption. Some adoptive parents, adult adoptees, perhaps some birth parents, prospective adoptive parents, people struggling with infertility, people who don't really have a clue which direction they want to go. Also, spouses, friends, and family of the aforementioned.

Could it be an interactive conversation with Q&A, or does it really need to be a lecture? I can make it both, but I need to open with a compelling lecture.

I hope that helps. Looking forward to your suggestions!


Sally Bacchetta
The Adoptive Parent
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Kathi said...

Hey Sally,

I'm going to email you my ideas now. I want that book! :) K

Ronald said...

I would be interested in hearing "the truth" about your adoption experience. It seems to me the agencies gloss over the hard details like how many times you might meet a BM and not be chosen or how much it might cost when its all said and done. I'm not saying to be mean about it but we didn't have a realistic view of what to expect and I wish we did. We still would have adopted, but it would be nice to know how to set your expectations. I think thats lacking in general.

mom23boyz said...

Sally, Congratulations. I'm sure you'll wow 'em :)

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on openness. Is it really always the best thing for all involved, especially the child? Is there such a thing as "too open", what's the best age/time/way to introduce openness, is it OK to have a closed arrangement until the child is older, etc. Pros and cons of both. I struggle with that and I doubt I'm the only one. Thanks!