Friday, August 6, 2010

Adoption Counseling

Anyone whose life has been touched by adoption knows that adoption changes you forever. Many people - whether adoptee, natural (birth) parent, or adoptive parent - find the adoptive experience quite different from what they imagined, and they ricochet from joy to grief to self-doubt. Guilt, depression, and confusion are common emotions following placement and adoption, and can make it difficult to feel whole and functional on a daily basis.

Common adoption-related concerns include:

Adoptive Parents
* Connecting your child with his or her roots
* Post-adoption stress or depression
* Separating “adoption issues” from general “life issues”

Adult Adoptees
* Talking to your adoptive family about your birth family
* Search and reunion
* Separating “adoption issues” from general “life issues”

Birth Parents
* Post-placement grief
* Search and reunion
* Taking care of yourself

I understand the unique challenge of adoption and adoptive relationships. I live it. I've learned how to love it. You can too.

Adoption counseling is a guided approach to finding your voice and moving forward in your life. Regain your balance. Get more information about adoption counseling at the Adoptive Parent website.

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Robyn Gobbel, LCSW said...

Sally~ As a clinical social worker offering adoption counseling, I love this article! Thanks for writing it!