Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Child Trafficking in Nigeria

Why another article about ?

Because it is still happening.

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Carmel said...

Dear Sally,

Please stand up for the rights of children by taking part in our Blog Day, Wednesday December 14th, in support of the Prevent Abuse of Children Today (PACT) campaign.

Prevent Abuse of Children Today (PACT) is a global campaign set up by the UK-based child rights charity Stepping Stones Nigeria and our Nigerian partner organisations. PACT aims to bring long-term positive social change to vulnerable children in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, particularly those at risk of witchcraft accusations, abuse and trafficking.
To help spread the word about the PACT campaign we wanted to invite you as a keen blogger to blog about your happiest childhood memory or best experience with children. We’d love for you to blog about this specifically in response to the following statement:

‘Every child has the right to happiness’

We want to celebrate children by focusing on our positive experiences of being a child or being around children. After all, every child deserves to have those happy experiences and that is what we’re fighting for through PACT.
If you are interested we would love you to take part in our Blog Day. To do so please do the following:

1. Write your blog post on December 14th

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3. If you want to take part please drop us an email.

4. Please ask others to get involved!

The Blog Day badge is available to add to your post today. Please email me to receive this.

Let us know when you post and we’ll feature it on the PACT site and facebook.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about PACT and happy blogging!

Kind Regards,